Fair Play

Fair play is the base for our mutual prosperity. We take fair play seriously. We recognize the importance of fair gaming to our integrity and to the players. We know our reputation is made by our players, and we are committed to always provide fair play. We believe that maintaining a fair, transparent, and secure gaming environment builds long-lasting relationships with our players.

Each game is unique and encrypted by our system. Each time we publish a new series of scratch cards, our computerized system compiles a set number of scratch cards based on the list of prizes which is pre determined. There is a 1 in 3 chance of winning a prize on each scratch card of any game with the implementation of a new series.

Every time you play a game the system will use a Random Number Generator (RNG). You can choose the type of game you want to play, but you can't choose the unique game (for security reasons).This means that even if someone knows the number of a unique winning game he can't choose it. The system is rigorously and systematically tested by the Winspark Platform team by running millions of rounds and examining the results on a constant and continuous basis.

You can always view your Game History and Banking History logs. By clicking the "menu" button and choosing "Games History", you can review all of your activities, including each game that you've played, with the exact date and time, card price, detailed game results and banking history including each Deposit and Cash-Out.

These unique features are unrivalled by land based casinos, and if you as a player have any queries or problems we encourage you to contact our Support Center immediately.